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Valley Enterprises

Truck and Auto Body Repair


Valley Enterprises, also known as Valley Auto Rebuilders.

     The best quality truck and auto body repair in Spokane WA. Whether it be one vehicle or a whole fleet, we do it all.

     We cater to all makes and models of vehicles including all manufactures of semi tractors.

     One of our biggest assets is our quick turnaround.   We understand that it is very inconvenient to have your car in the shop.   Or having your truck out of commission when it could be out on the road.   Every day it is not running is another day you have lost money.  Therefore we pride ourselves in having it back out on the road for you as soon as possible.

      We have been a family owned and operated company since 1981.  Due to being an independent and family owned business we are able to offer you substantial savings over dealership rates.

     Valley enterprises has professional staff who are experienced in using technical equipment.  We are able to respond to a full range of services and repairs.


All work is guaranteed

Visa and MasterCard Accepted.